Disney Movies vs Pixar Movies: Which is Best?

Disney movies vs Pixar movies, which is best?

Which studio has created the best movie in recent times: Disney or Pixar? What is their best recent movie? Disney’s Lion King or Pixar’s Toy Story? Disney’s Frozen or Pixar’s Monsters Inc? If you are itching to let the world know your indisputable answer, there are people and places that want to hear it.

Disney Pixar Movie Madness Blows Up Twitter

Disney fan @yeeitsanthonyy created a Disney Pixar Movie Madness bracket competition and it blew up Twitter. Mashing up NCAA March Madness competitive brackets, love of Disney & Pixar movies and letting the world know that all opinions that are not yours are obviously wrong, the Disney Pixar Movie Madness brackets touched a nerve.

Sure, there have been grumblings here and there about some of the details. Some fret over how the initial “sweet 16” movies were seeded. “Frozen vs Moana and Hercules vs Aladdin in the first round? How can I choose?!”

Others miss the classic Disney films. No Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella… the Black Cauldron!? This has opened up the opportunity for some to create Disney classics versions of the bracket competition.

But despite the nitpicking, it’s still loads of fun.

Where to Be Heard on the Disney Pixar Debate

Disney gift card and AMC theaters gift card

Depending on when you read this, @yeeitsanthonyy’s Twitter voting may have wrapped up. If not, get on it.

There are also other venues that want to hear your opinions of this deep matter.

The Dabbl app is a mobile app where brands help people earn free gift cards for going to the movies, getting Disney gear and other things worth doing. The AMC Theaters gift card is one of the most popular cards people redeem on Dabbl. The Disney gift card gets love too.

Many Dabblrs are movie lovers, Disney fans and LOVE giving their opinions. What a perfect mix, we thought, for weighing in on this Disney Pixar movie madness.

So we wanted to see how Dabblrs settle the new debate of our time: Disney or Pixar?

So What Are Your Favorite (Recent) Disney and Pixar Movies?

If you missed your chance to vote on Twitter or want to have your vote count in Dabbl, we’ve created limited time experiences in Dabbl for you to give your opinions on this weighty, important matter.

Dabbl app and Disney vs Pixar movies

“How Can My (Correct) Opinion Be Heard?” You Ask?

Download the Dabbl app and give your opinion when the Disney vs Pixar experiences show up in your Dabbl feed. After each round of voting we’ll publish new Dabbl experiences in the app revealing the results as well as the next round of voting… until we get to the winner: Dabblrs’ favorite (recent) Disney or Pixar movie.

What do you say?

yeeitsanthonyy's Disney Pixar bracket