Best Things to Buy at Target for Having Fun with Family & Friends

Target and friends and family w photo by Arthur Poulin

Sure, there are plenty of things at Target you can buy for yourself. But what are some reasonably priced Target finds that help make your time with friends and family more fun?

It turns out there’s quite a lot. We broke out our list into these categories:

Outdoor Adventures
Fun at Home
Party Time
Game Day

Outdoor Adventures

Camping photo by Jake Sloop

Outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, kayaking and fishing are more fun with friends and family.

Tent from Target


Whether you’re adventuring into the wilds of a remote state park or just your backyard, a tent is your home away from home.

Sleeping bag from Target

Sleeping Bag

The good ol’ sleeping bag. Want extra padding and insulation? Consider repurposing interlocking exercise mats for your tent floor.

Lightweight hammock from Target

Lightweight Hammock

This hammock is lightweight enough to stow away among your travel gear.

Fishing pole at Target


Whether it’s catch and release or it’s finding the day’s fresh dinner, fishing with friends and family gives you plenty of time to tell tall tales.

Kids snorkel set from Target

Water Adventures

Traveling to the sea and the sun with the little ones? Don’t forget the underwater adventures.


Travel photo by

For those who love collecting memories more than collecting things, discovering new places with friends and family can give you plenty of experiences worth remembering.

travel journal from Target

Travel Journal

When Instagram isn’t enough, this travel journal collects your travel memories with old fashion pen and paper.

travel bag from Target

Travel Bag

Travel bags need to be lightweight enough to go with you everywhere yet flexible enough to carry a wide range of essentials. And being good looking doesn’t hurt.

Baby wrap carrier from Target

Baby Wrap Carrier

Whether you’re traveling far or near, your baby enjoys seeing the world too.

Fun at Home

Photo by Chaz McGregor

You don’t have to roam far for fun experiences with friends and family.

Ziplines at Target


Hey little adventurer, you could be ziplining through your backyard.

Fire pit at Target

Portable Fire Pit

Portable, woodburning fire pits are kind of like having a campout in your backyard. When the sun goes does, it draws humans like flies.

Tiki torch from Target Table tiki torch from Target

Tiki Torches

Yes, there is something about good ol’ fire to make things more festive. Especially when it comes in a tropical-tinged Tiki Torch (and little sibling table torch.)

String lights from Target

String Lights

String lights are one of the simplest ways to transform your backyard into something a little less ordinary.

Party Time

Party photo by Pineapple Supply Co.

Partay! 🎉🎉

invitation at Target


Nothing says “You’re special!” like receiving a rainbow & gold unicorn invitation to a party.

Food photo from Monika Grabkowska

Great Food

And nothing brings people together like great food.

Wine decanter from Target


Wine decanters seem like such a fantsy-pants accessory. But it works for both wine snobs and the frugal-minded. Help OK wine taste good and good wine taste even better. Smooth out harsher qualities by letting the wine breathe in a decanter before serving to your guests.

Cards Against Humanity at Target Cards Against Humanity 90's expansion pack from Target

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity, the “party game for horrible people,” is not for the kids. It can get foul. And for those nostalgic for the era of Saved By The Bell and neon sweaters, add the 90’s expansion pack.

Coffee press from Target


And when the night winds down, send them away with a warm belly full of good coffee.

Game Day

Photo by Anna Samoylova

You know the classics of football, basketball etc. 🏈 🏀⚽ Here are some more games for adults and kids to get out and play.

Lawn bowling from Target

Lawn Bowling

It’s like bowling. But for your lawn. Actually, lawn bowling can work outdoors on your lawn, at the park, at the beach as well as indoors. Knock ’em down!

Disc game from Target

Disc Golf

Disc golf is kind of like golf but swap a disc for the golf ball, your hand for the clubs and an elevated chain goal for the hole / cup. This Kan Jam disc game is similar to disc golf, but instead of disc golf’s normal chain goal, this offers simple cans.

Badminton from Target


If you haven’t played badminton since grade school, give it a shot. You might find it to be therapeutically fun.

Bocce ball from target

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball’s roots go back to ancient games played during the Roman Empire. I’m not sure the exact rules. Something about getting closer to the jack and knocking out the competitor’s balls.

Corn toss game from Target

Bean Bag Corn Toss

Everybody loves a bean bag game.

Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game from Target

Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game

Want a happy little game with happy little clouds? Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game might be for you. “Earn ‘chill points’ by painting landscape features like Happy Little Trees and Almighty Mountains using colors and brushes from your hand of cards.”

Getting Help Having Fun with Friends & Family

Two target gift cards

Target offers a bunch of reasonably priced stuff you can use to have more fun with friends and family. Want to get stuff like this? You can turn your spare downtime into Target (and other) gift cards on the Dabbl app.

Have a great day.

Mountain top sunset photo by Arthur Poulin.