How Dabbl Flips Advertising Upside Down

Dabbl dog walker

It started with a simple question.

What if advertising stopped interrupting you and helped you instead?

Instead of brands paying big media companies to interrupt and annoy you, what if those brands skip all that and just pay to help you with things that matter to you instead?

This is possible only when there is mutual respect between you and brands. Granted, that sounds like a really tall order with today’s advertising. It’s pretty safe to say that respect isn’t part of how advertising works now…

Everyone is Profiting from your Time Online, Except You

The time you spend on social media, watching videos online, reading posts, visiting websites… is all time that media companies track, package and sell to brands. This is then used to interrupt you with their advertising.

Everyone is profiting from your time online, except you.

It’s no surprise to say that people hate this. We hate having no say in the matter. We don’t like being interrupted by advertisements and being tracked.

No Picnic for Brands Either

What you might not know is that advertising is no picnic for brands either. When “success” is 2% engaging with their ad (and therefore 98% avoid it) you know you have a broken system.

Using ad blockers and paying for premium services just to escape advertising are becoming increasingly more popular. Imagine if people paid their hard earned money just to ignore your life’s work.

What you might not know is that advertising is no picnic for brands either.

Many people behind brands, if given the choice, want to make people happy, not annoy them.

Such opportunity to make things right!

Let’s Flip Advertising Upside Down!

Dabbl changes the traditional advertising relationship by giving you a seat at the table and giving brands a way to reach you on your terms.

You take control over how your time is valued by brands.

Flip advertising upside down

This flips advertising upside down. Advertising no longer interrupts you. It helps you. It has to if it wants to earn your attention.

Introducing the Attention Marketplace

By removing the old gatekeepers, companies like Airbnb and Uber let individuals participate in new marketplaces, changing their respective industries.

We think advertising, of all industries, is desperately in need of a similar change.

It’s your attention that brands value most, not the media companies they traditionally pay. Dabbl bypasses the traditional gatekeepers and matches you directly with brands that value your time and attention.
In return for a little of your valuable attention, brands on Dabbl help pay for things you care about.

Brands help pay for your experiences with friends & family.

Via egift card retail partners, brands help pay for your experiences with friends & family. Brands help you have more movie nights via an AMC theaters egift card, more outdoor adventures via a Bass Pro Shops egift card, more Disney fun via (you guessed it) a Disney egift card, more improving the home for home-bound family time via Lowes and Home Goods egift cards, and more…

We’re excited to see all the ways brands can help people when their ad budgets go directly to people.

The New Rules of Advertising

Flipping advertising upside down has created new rules of advertising. Just two simple rules:

  1. Don’t interrupt me
  2. Help me instead

No interruptions

1. Don’t Interrupt Me

You choose when to spend time with brands. Instead of media companies choosing when you should hear their messages — whether you like it not — you choose the time instead.

2. Help Me Instead

And why would you want to spend time with brands? Brands that truly value your time and attention will help you earn toward things you care about.

How Do You Dabbl?

How exactly does Dabbl work? Let’s walk through how it works.

A. Dabbl During Your Spare Moments

Open up the Dabbl app when you have a few spare moments. Whether you’re waiting in the grocery checkout line, at the dentist’s office or waiting to pick your kids up from soccer, most people use Dabbl within just a minute or so at a time.

Choose the brands you want to engage with and earn from. Tap through the experiences the brands created. There may be multiple choice questions and a short video to watch.

While each experience is different, they are all designed to be simple and fun.

Dabbl campaign

At the end, give the brand feedback by rating the experience from frowny face to smiley face.

B. Redeem Your eGift Card

Your attention time accumulates and earns you egift cards from retailers like Disney, Lowes, Bass Pro Shops, AMC Theaters, Marshall’s, TJ Max, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.

Your spare moments become free movie nights, Disney fun, gear for your outdoor adventures, home improvement and decor, fashion and more.

egift cards

Want to help us change advertising from an interruptor to a supporter of things you care about? Try it out for yourself, share us, and let us know (Twitter, Facebook or via chat) if you enjoy it more than interruption ads. 😃