Easiest Way to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Every Week or Two

Free Amazon gift cards

Want free Amazon gift cards? It may be easier than you think. It’s even possible to get a free $5 Amazon egift card emailed to you about every week or two.

We’ll review different ways to get free Amazon gift cards. Our focus will be on the easiest way to do this. It’s possible, for example, to earn free Amazon gift cards just by spending spare downtime with a mobile app. Nothing to purchase. No big hoops to jump through.

Let’s take a look.

5 Different Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

The first thing to consider is: what do you want to do to get your free Amazon gift cards?

The first four categories below might be categorized as “Buy things to get Amazon gift cards.” These first four categories of apps track what you purchase and, based on what you bought, give you points which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards or for other gift cards.

The fifth category does not require purchasing products. Instead, your attention and opinions are what earn you free Amazon gift cards.

Spoiler!: We think the fifth category below is the easiest way to earn an Amazon gift card.

1. Buy Specific Products Via an Online Store to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


Apps in this category ask that you use their app to make online purchases from the apps’ partners. They track what you purchase and give you cashback points that you put toward an Amazon (or other) gift card.

Shopkick iOS and Shopkick Android apps are examples of this category.

2. Buy Specific Products, Then Upload Receipts to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


Another cashback method is to shop at the apps’ designated partner stores, photograph your receipts and upload the photos to their apps to prove you bought those products. When it’s verified, you earn points toward your Amazon (or other) gift card.

The Ibotta iOS and Ibotta Android apps are examples in this category.

3. Give Bank Information, Then Buy From Specific Retailers and Restaurants to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


Yet another cashback method asks for your bank account or credit card account information and tracks your purchases via your credit card history. If you spend money at a partner retailer or restaurant, you earn cash toward your Amazon card.

Dosh iOS and Dosh Android are examples in this category.

4. Install a Browser Extension That Tracks What You Buy, Then Buy from Specific Retailers to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


Another method asks that you install a special app that is added to the browser of your desktop computer or laptop. If you purchase from one of their partners’ online stores, you receive points or cash back that you can put toward your Amazon gift card.

The Honey Chrome Extension is an example of this.

5. Spend Spare Downtime with Brands in a Mobile App to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Spend downtime with brands on the Dabbl app and earn free Amazon gift cards

Unlike the other options above, this category does not require that you purchase anything. There are no stores to visit, no receipts to upload, no bank info to hand over and no extensions to install on your browser.

Instead, your attention and your opinions — highly desired by brands — are what earn you free gift cards.

How does it work? Traditional marketing looks like this: companies pay other companies to interrupt your Instagram feed or YouTube video to talk at you. You’re the product. The new way looks like this: you choose when and if companies pay you for your attention and opinions. You’re their partner.

Our Dabbl iOS and Dabbl Android apps work this way. Yes, we’re biased, but we created Dabbl because we feel so strongly that there should be a better way.

Bonus: 6. Credit Card Reward Programs


Use credit cards that offer Amazon’s “Shop with Points” rewards or other credit cards whose reward points that build up from your purchases can be redeemed as Amazon gift cards. For “Shop with Points”, however, Nerdwallet warns:

Note that shopping this way at Amazon, which it calls “Shop with Points,” is free to use but usually offers poor value compared with other ways you could spend your credit card points. 


This can be an easy option if your existing credit card’s reward program gives you options to redeem Amazon gift cards or points, but not so easy if you need to apply for yet another credit card.

Bonus: 7. A Rich Relative Gives You Free Gift Cards


The only thing easier that we know of is if a rich relative decides to give you free Amazon gift cards for your birthday, for holidays… and every week of your life.

Hold On. Is The FULL Process Easy?

The categories above mention what you have to do — partially — to get Amazon gift cards. What’s not mentioned is what is needed from you to register, set up your account and redeem gift cards.

Sometimes, these steps can be the longest, most difficult parts of the process. These less frequently talked about steps can be the ones that make the whole process either a breeze to do or no fun and not worth it.

Is the whole process from start to finish truly easy or are there roadblocks along the way?

1. Set Up

Apps that pay you to purchase products track what you purchase. Setting this up may require submitting your first receipt, installing a browser extension, syncing your account to a bank account or applying for a credit card.

Registering a Dabbl account only requires two pieces of information: your U.S. phone number — validated via a text message — and your age. Your age is used to verify that you are 18+. Once this is done you can start earning. This is among the simplest set up processes we’ve seen.

2. Earning

Apps that pay you to purchase products may require that you purchase specific products only through their app or specific stores. Others may require that you photograph and upload receipts of what you purchase.

You do not need to purchase anything to earn on Dabbl. Dabblrs spend spare downtime in the Dabbl mobile app watching brand videos and giving brands feedback.

Dabblrs earn points on the app during downtime while while waiting to pick up their child from school, waiting in waiting rooms for an appointment and while relaxing at home.

3. Amazon Gift Card Redemption

OK, you’ve earned enough points to redeem your gift card. You tap “Redeem Amazon Gift Card.” Awesome!

Some apps require days, even a week or more, before you receive your Amazon gift card.

On Dabbl, once you’ve earned enough points equivalent to a $5, $10 or other denomination, you choose the Amazon gift card or other gift card you want to receive. If you haven’t added your email previously, add and confirm the email you want the gift card to be sent to.

Dabblrs usually receive the egift card within minutes. This redemption speed seems to be rare among other services.

So, Which App is the Easiest to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card Roughly Every Week or Two?

The easiest way to earn free Amazon gift cards

Looking at these three criteria: 1. set up effort, 2. earning effort and speed and 3. redemption speed, we believe the Dabbl app for iOS and Android is the best way to earn an Amazon gift card every week or so.

Because the Dabbl app is the quickest to set up, the easiest to earn without needing to purchase anything, with no receipts to upload, bank information to set up or browser extensions to install — and because its one of the easiest and fastest redemption processes, we think it’s a great choice for people wanting an easy way to earn Amazon gift cards.

Get Other Free Gift Cards

Interested in other gift cards? Many of these apps allow you to earn other gift cards. Dabbl, for example, lets you earn gift cards from Target, Disney, Walmart, Spotify Premium, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Lowes, BestBuy and many other free gift cards.

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