12 of Our Favorite Disney Collectible Pins under $20

Disney pins

We’re big fans of having memorable experiences with friends and family. Pins are a fun way to remember those fleeting experiences. There’s something special about these little, jewel-like metal and enamel souvenirs.

Pins have been a staple reminder of Disney park visits. Stressed out and need a quick dose of nostalgic Disney escapism? With pins, just take a look at your lapel. Or your jean jacket. Or your bookbag.

If you want Disney memorabilia that reminds you of great experiences you’ve had, pins may be your ticket.

A Flair For Pin Culture

Jordan Roschwalb, founder of pin company PINTRILL, tells
The New York Times that genuine connection can be had, not in the form of technology or social media, but in pin form.

“Pins create a tie to a certain moment,” Jordan states.

Alyssa Coscarelli at Refinery 29 seems to agree:

“When you buy a pin for yourself or give one to a friend, you are turning a thought, memory or event into something tangible.”

Alyssa makes the case that a big part of pin culture is that enamel pins are wearable art. “There are no gender restrictions, no size restrictions, and hardly any monetary restriction to styling with them, considering most come in at under 15 bucks. So, anyone can curate a collection.” she writes.

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Disney Pin Flair

Pins as keepsakes for remembering your Disney park trip have a long history at Disney. EPins have taken on a life of their own at Dinsey. Pin trading — even official Disney pin etiquette — has blossomed. Disney even offers pin style tips.

We’ve put together a dozen of our favorite Disney enamel pins that you can buy online at the Disney Store.

Mickey Mouse Timeless Pin

Disney Parks Mickey Mouse Timeless Pin

A classic Mickey Disney Parks enameled cloisonné pin. Classic. What more can we say?

Stormtrooper Skull Pin

Star Wars Disney Parks Stormtrooper Skull Pin

Star Wars meets Coco and Día de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.

The Grape Soda Bottlecap Pin from Up

Russell's Grape Soda Bottlecap Pin from Up

Fans of the PIXAR film Up will recognize this replica of the handmade, grape soda bottle cap pin Ellie created for Carl that he eventually awards to Wilderness Explorer Russell. “I’d like to award you the highest honor I can bestow. The Ellie Badge.”

Han Solo and Princess Leia Pin Set

Disney Parks Star Wars Han Solo and Princess Leia pin set

Star Wars Disney Parks pin of the star-crossed lovers Han Solo and Princess Leia. Pin them both or share the two piece metal and enamel pin set with your sweetie?

Mickey Mouse Heart Gloves Pin Set

Mickey Mouse Heart Gloves Pin Set

Mickey’s glove make the shape of a heart in this two piece pin set.

Ariel The Little Mermaid Pin

 The Little Mermaid Pin

Ariel, with her mermaid tail accented with glitter, brushes her red hair with her dinglehopper.

Retro Figment Disney Parks Epcot 25th Anniversary Pin

Retro Figment Disney Parks Epcot 25th Anniversary Pin

Though the idea of Epcot began much earlier as Walt Disney’s dream of a future city, Epcot as a theme park officially opened its doors on October 1, 1982. This enameled cloisonné pin with Figment, the mascot of Epcot’s Imagination! pavilion, recalls some of that early 80’s flair.

Join the Resistance Pin

Rebel Alliance Starbird Pin - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Join the Rebel Alliance with this Rebel Alliance Starbird insignia pin. Starbird? “According to some, the starbird can never die—whenever it seems to be gone, it’s actually renewing itself in the heart of a nova.” says Wookiepedia.

More Classic Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Memories Pin Set - January - Limited Release

Harking back to its black and white origins, this silvertone enameled cloisonné pin looks great.

Spider-Man Dimensional Mask Pin

Marvel Spider-Man Dimensional Mask Pin

We couldn’t leave Marvel superheroes out. Here’s a Spidey bas-relief sculptured mask pin with a bit of depth.

The Belle Pin

Disney Parks Belle pin

Belle, in her yellow dress with glitter detailing, reads a book with a fairytale ending. Enameled cloisonné with goldtone finish.

Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pin

Disney Parks Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pin

Fan of Star Wars? The Captain Phasma enameled cloisonné pin might be for you.

Turn Spare Moments into Disney Pins

Dabbl helps you turn your spare moments into egift cards for retailers like Disney, Lowes, Bass Pro Shops and more. We think these Disney pins would be great keepsakes and gifts for Dabbler Disney fans.

Some Disney savings pros suggest that parents buy souvenirs ahead of time and give them to your little ones at the end of your park visits to help manage costs.

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