Paid to Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Family & Friends

Family camping photo by Daiga Ellaby

Get a peek into the great outdoors, family-style, as experienced by some of the most popular, slightly goofy, family vloggers. Get a peek into how these families do camping, fishing, hiking, boating, kayaking, canoeing, campfire gathering, campsite ping-ponging family fun.

Family Adventures for Fun & Profit

Vlogging? That’s the term for posting videos regularly of your weekly or daily life. A mashup of video and blogging. While vlogging has been around just about as long as creaky, old (in Internet years) blogging, more recently a sub genre of “family vlogging” has become popular.

Much credit for the genre goes to the “Shaytards” family, which got its start when Dad uploaded a video of himself dancing around in his wife’s unitard. They built an audience of millions, creating family income — though it’s now on hiatus.

More families followed. While many have attempted success in the genre, a rare few have broken out in popularity. A few families have garnered adoring fans with their charm, odd-ball antics and adventures. A rare few have built large audiences over the years and have made it their careers.

Below are a few of the most popular families as they tackle the great outdoors with their family and friends.

Camping, Fishing & Boating with the Ballinger Family

Pontoon boats, as my brother likes to say, are the Barcaloungers of the sea. Big, comfy and built for the slow life, not style. The Ballinger family takes a pontoon boat out on a California lake with friends and family for a little fishing.

Dad from the Ballinger family has some experience in the entertainment business and you get the sense that the Ballingers put a bit of time into the production of their daily family videos.

Hiking, Swimming, Kayaking, Fishing & Dabbing at Big Bear Park

Another video from the Ballinger family and their outdoor adventures at the impressive, boulder strewn Big Bear Park.

Lakeside Campfire Popcorn

The video below is day 1 of the first time Sam and Nia go camping with their kids. You can see how excited dad is to make this experience possible for his kids.

They set up camp at the foot of a Texas lake along with other family, friends and dogs. Tents go up, hammocks are used like playground swings, campfires are lit and campfire stew and campfire popcorn are enjoyed by all.

Sam and Nia got their family vlogging start when a video of their lip sync of a Disney Frozen song went viral. It blew up (22 million views at the time of this post). They decided to give this family vlogging thing a try. They now have over 2 million subscribers who tune into their family life.

Getting Help Having Family Adventures For the Rest of Us

Not everyone is ready to document their family life day in and day out for years. But the idea that brands want to pay us to go have fun adventures with our family and friends is pretty darn cool.

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You can use the Dabbl app during your spare couple minutes waiting to pick up the little ones from school or during soccer practice.

You do fun, little engagements and watch short videos from brands. But unlike advertising that interrupt the videos and posts you are watching or reading, you’re in control of when and which brands you engage with.

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Have Tips for Earning Toward Family Adventures?

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Fantastic family camping photo by Daiga Ellaby.